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Hoplite Industries provides premium grade internet services through Yellowstone Fiber at competitive rates. With full 24/7 technical support options, Hoplite Industries ensures that you are connected when it matters most.

Speed (Up/Down) 250/250 Mbps* 1/1 Gbps* 10/10 Gbps*
Residential $39.99 + $30 Yellowstone Fiber Fee $52.99 + $30 Yellowstone Fiber Fee $599.99 + $30 Yellowstone Fiber Fee
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*Service is considered best effort, and as such bandwidth speeds are not guaranteed.

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Fast, reliable, and powerful – that’s what the digital age demands. Hoplite's high-speed fiber internet services offer breathtaking speeds of up to 100Gbps. The only 100Gbps Internet service option in Montana. Experience unparalleled connectivity that fuels innovation, collaboration, and productivity. With Hoplite, you're not just keeping pace with the digital world; you're setting the speed.


We understand that your business operations don't stop, and neither do we. Hoplite provides 24/7 support through our Bozeman, MT-based Security Operations Center (SOC), Network Operations Center (NOC), and support teams. We're always here to help, providing you with the guidance and support you need, anytime, anywhere.


Hoplite Browser Plugin

Hoplite offers a suite of integrated browser security plugins designed to keep your devices and accounts safe from threats. The AND Browser Plugin provides a robust layer of protection, securing your data, applications, and business from potential threats, whether you’re in the office or travelling abroad. The Hoplite Browser Plugin ensures that no objectionable, or malicious content is accessed. This real-time inspection leverages Hoplite's Cyber Threat Intelligence platform to identify and block threats before your accounts and data could be exposed.

The AND Browser Plugin is free to use for home or commercial purposes. Paid Enterprise versions of the AND Browser Plugin have additional features that are seamlessly integrated into Active Network Defense, and other Hoplite Managed Services. View the documentation for more information on installation.

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At Hoplite, we understand the importance of a safe digital environment for families. Our secure, family-friendly DNS ensures your home network is safe from harmful and inappropriate content. We offer secure browsing experience without compromising on speed or reliability.

Experiencing Problems?

If you are experiencing problems please visit the status site located here to check for any ongoing issues.

If there are no reported issues on the above status site visit our support site to submit a form.

Join the Hoplite family, and experience a blend of high-speed connectivity, robust security, and exceptional customer support. With Hoplite Xiphos, you get more than an internet service provider - you get a committed partner for your digital journey.